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If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that my family attend a hobbyist modelling show every September, Euro Militaire. Unfortunately last year saw the end of the show, which I’m told was primarily due to dwindling attendance in recent years. I spoke last year how there were less models in the competition and no military displays as there had been in previous years. Dad was especially disappointed that 2016 was the last Euro Militaire and the end of a family tradition. ☹

While hunting around for information and to confirm if the rumours regarding the shows end were true, I stumbled upon a new event for the same weekend which was being run by some previous attendees of the Euro Militaire show – The Euro Miniature Expo.

It had a lot of similarities to the Euro Militaire show (and a very similar name too!) and we kept a close eye on their Facebook page for updates. Their line up of dealers was impressive but we were unsure of the new style competition; at Euro Militaire each model is judged individually but at the Euro Miniature Expo you had the option of a group of your models (in the same category) being judged together as a display.

Lovely hummingbird flat

We booked tickets for both days in advance and made the 3 hour journey to Kent early last Saturday morning, the entry time of the new show was later than usual, so we got a bit of a lie in. 😉 We arrived in Folkestone around 9:30 met up with an old friend for coffee and more old friends for lunch, it was great to see so many familiar faces.

A popular topic of discussion was the style of the competition. Overall the people I spoke to were not happy with it and the only positive response I got was “that’s how they do it in Europe”, fair enough, but that doesn’t mean it’s the correct way. We’ll be going again next year and dad hopes to trial the competition with some of his models.

Below are some of my favourite vehicle models from the show.

… and some of my favourite fantasy models. I took so many photos this year!

At Euro Militaire last year I saw a steam punk penguin model, which was part of a set with a steam punk tank and other characters. Last year, Scale75, who manufacture the models said they would be doing a seperate, larger version of the penguin but unfortunately they had not brought them along this year. Very disappointing, as I was looking forward to painting my first model since childhood! I’m hoping the penguin figure will be available on their website soon.


Overall the show was very good and I hope it does well, and that we’ll be able to attend for years to come!

During our down time we walked into the harbour to see how the town had changed and were disappointed to find out that he Leas Cliff Lift, which has been in operation since 1885 has closed! From what I’ve been told by locals, the council deemed it unsafe unless major rework was carried out but they were unable to raise the funds. Such a shame. 🙁 I loved taking a ride up the cliff in it.

View from the Leas Cliff Hall

We stayed overnight in the Premier Inn Folkestone and had dinner, and breakfast in their on site restaurant. Both were great and I enjoyed a delicious sea breeze cocktail with my dinner. I always get a great nights sleep at Premier Inn hotels the beds are very comfy.

Yummy 🍸

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