Paris Trip – Day 4 – Arc De Triomphe and Notre Dame

Catch up on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of our trip.

Another early start and another trip to the bakery for breakfast, but first we packed our cases and took them to the baggage store at our hotel. There were lockers which were accessed by a key card for a small fee. It was definitely worth it as we would never have carried our cases up the Eiffel Tower.

After breakfast we headed for the Arc De Trimophe and took some photos, we didn’t have time to go up in unfortunately but it was great to see it in ‘in the flesh’. We had pre-booked tickets to climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower (1,650 steps in total), which was great as their were long queues to get in and more queues for the ticket booths inside.

Our tickets gave us access up to the 2nd floor and towards the last few steps it was a struggle, my legs were ache-y! It was worth it for the stunning views on the walk up and the views we got from voth floors. If you’re able to I would recommend taking the stairs but you need to have a moderate fitness level, at least.

Our view walking up the steps

Before our journey home we decided to see Notre Dame cathedral and to look inside. On the way there we met a friendly Thai couple who were lost and asked us for directions to Notre Dame so the four of us headed there together, we took photos and selfies outside the cathedral together before they left for Le Lourve. We (Kelly and I) went inside the cathedral, it was very pretty inside with stained glass windows and statues. We donated the last of our change and I picked up a souvenir coin.

Our journey back to the airport was eventful(!), there was a French national air strike and many flights were cancelled, ours wasn’t thankfully but the metro line we needed to take to the airport was also closed! We rode the line as far as we could then transferred to a train for the rest of the journey. I asked for directions, successfully, in French and we made it to the airport with time to spare. 😀

It was a great trip and I can’t wait for my next one – Scotland in October with Ryan!

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