Have You Ever? – Gaming Edition

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the party game ‘Never Have I Ever?’, right? If not, it’s a drinking game, in which the first person says something they have never done, and anyone who has done that thing takes a drink. Well, Michelle at GeekGirl has created a video game twist on this classic drinking game. Where all the questions are related to gaming.

Since Aaron and I often game together  – even more so recently – I thought it would be fun to hear his answers as well, like we did for ‘The Gamer Tag‘ and ‘The Pokemon Tag‘. They’re fun to do and we always end up learning something new about each other too.

So, let’s begin…

‘Have You Ever?’ Tag – Gaming Edition

Rage quit a game

Kim: Not yet.

Aaron: Yes – I was playing Quidditch World Cup with my brother and he was beating me.

Earned all achievements in a game

K: Once! Lego Star Wars for the PS2. Although I am working my way through the Minecraft achievements at the moment.

A: Yes, for Gears of War.

Pulled an all-nighter gaming

K: Nope!

A: Yes.

Live streamed your gaming

K: Nope, the closest I’ve come is sharing photos from the games while I’m playing them. Usually to my Playstation feed or Facebook.

A: Never.

Pre-ordered a game

K: Nope.

A: I don’t remember.

Bought a game and never played it

K: So many! I have a large backlog of games I haven’t played yet.

A: Yep! What gamer hasn’t?

Been jump scared by a horror game

K: Not yet! I’m usually the one laughing when other people do. 😅

A: Yep… Outlast.

Had a set squad for a specific game

K: Nope, I tend to play single-player games.

A: Nope.

Bought a game on multiple platforms

K: Yep, a few of the Lego games. I own some of them on PS2 / PS3 and some on PS3 / PS4. Hopefully the PS5 will be fully backwards compatible to stop me doing this. 🙈🤞🤞

A: Yeah, Skyrim and GTA5.

Got a console for the games specifically

K: Twice – well, technically one was a handheld. I bought the Nintendo Wii for Mario Kart and the Gameboy Colour for Pokémon Yellow.

A: Nope.

I hope you enjoyed reading our answers to this tag. It was fun to do and we learnt a little bit more about each other.

But what about you? Have you ever done any of these things? Did any of our answers surprise you? Let me know in the comments.😊

Want to do this tag? Just copy the prompts below and make sure to link Michelle as the creator.

Rage quit a game

Earned all achievements in a game

Pulled an all-nighter gaming

Livestreamed your gaming

Pre-ordered a game

Bought a game and never played it

Been jumpscared by a horror game

Had a set squad for a specific game

Bought a game on multiple platforms

Got a console for the games specifically


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  • Jenny in Neverland

    May 28, 2020 at 15:09

    Love this! I rage quit The Last of Us just last week because I couldn’t get past this one POXY ANNOYING BIT. I’ll pick it up again eventually haha! I LOVE a jump scare in a horror game!

  • lifestyleseason

    May 28, 2020 at 12:38

    Great post! I have done a few of these and I definitely want to try to get all the achievements in a game.

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