Valentine’s Day 2016

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ll give presents and maybe do some heart shaped themed baking (I love baking) but haven’t celebrated much more than that.

Ryan was at work today, cooking for many couples that had booked a table at the restaurant, I knew he’d be tired and hungry when he got home and decided to treat him. I cooked some chicken pesto pasta with heart shaped tricolour pasta and a little chilli powder to give it a kick.



It was very good! The chilli powder was just enough without being over powering. I used about a teaspoon.

We decided we weren’t going to do much for Valentine’s Day as neither of us really celebrate it but, as we both have Sunday evenings off, we decided to go and see the movie Deadpool at the cinema – it was awesome! Very funny!

I made Ryan a small hamper using a box covered in red wrapping paper and filled with little gifts. The hamper included some home made heart shaped sugar cookies, home made heart shaped chocolates, a small bottle of rosé, some smellies etc.




He really liked it and loved that I’d baked for him, I bake often but this is only the second time I’ve baked specifically for him (the other being a chocolate frosted cake for his birthday last year). We tried the chocolates straight away, they were very tasty. I used milk chocolate and valentine’s themed sprinkles.



One more treat for Ryan was popping his robe on the towel rail to warm up. 🙂

Hope everyone had a good Sunday / Valentine’s Day! Did you do anything to celebrate? … Anyone seen Deadpool?


  • Jamie

    February 15, 2016 at 22:36

    I like to bake as well, but I haven’t been baking that much since living with my boyfriend’s grandparents. If I were to bake constantly, I’d be as big as a house! But you did a great job cooking that pasta. It looks delicious from the photos alone.

    Like you, I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day. Why? I’ve always been single on that day. However, just these past few years, I haven’t been single. Still, Tristan and I don’t celebrate it. We just see it as a big scam to get people to buy expensive gifts they don’t actually need. That’s our opinion though.

    1. Kim

      February 16, 2016 at 12:46

      Thank you 🙂 it was really good, we had a little left over which I took to work for lunch. I tend to bake for other people so I’m not tempted to eat it! Haha.

      I agree with you, I’ve always felt Valentine’s Day as a scam to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter. I’ve never bought or done anything expensive on Valentine’s Day. I also don’t think you should wait one day a year to show someone you care.

  • Cat

    February 15, 2016 at 05:52

    I want to see Deadpool! I was worried about that movie, but I’m glad it’s getting good reviews. I just need to find time to see it in theaters.

    I think that’s a cute idea to use heart shaped pasta 🙂 Both the pasta and the chocolates look really good! We had a pretty chill Valentine’s Day too. We stayed in and cooked Japanese food together 🙂

  • Michelle

    February 15, 2016 at 00:44

    I have yet to see Deadpool but I will this upcoming week. I swear it.
    I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day all that much either except getting candies and whatnot. You made such cute food and I bet they were/are yummy.

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