Winter Memorabilia Show Birmingham, November 2010

Yesterday was the Winter Memorabilia Show at the Birmingham NEC. A comic convention covering multiple fandoms, with celebrity guests, talks, photo ops, a large dealers room and so much more. It’s held twice a year (in March and November) and this marks my third time attending a Memorabilia event.

The Winter Memorabilia Show is always one of the highlights of the convention calendar for me and a great way to finish our year. Like usual we arrived at the show at around 8:15 in the morning and headed straight to the ‘pre-paid’ queue. I think it’s always worth getting to the Memorabilia show a little earlier than the opening time (typically 9 am for “early bird”), as there will often be a large queue already forming at the entry point. Getting there a little earlier will give you a better chance to see the guests you want to meet, or track down any memorabilia you’re looking for before the halls get too busy.

I usually go to comic con to meet actors and actresses I admire and add to my autograph collection. This show was no different. I also picked up some merchandise including a commissioned photo album by Phoenix copper art – it’s stunning! If you’re ever in need for a scrapbook or wedding guest album, take a look at his website or Facebook page.

[New photo to follow very soon!]

Although my plan was to spend my pennies on autographs (and the photo album), I ended up spending money on the hundreds of stalls in the dealers’ room as well. They were selling a wide range of sci-fi items and collectables. I came away with some Buffy the Vampire Slayer collectables, Doug Bradley’s book (which he autographed), a few prints and a couple of canvases.

If you’re thinking of buying merchandise at a convention then the Memorabilia show has the greatest selection, in my opinion. And my dad agrees with me here. We never come home empty-handed and always find some rare or obscure items here, like resin model kits.

Autograph signings at the Winter Memorabilia Show

For the majority of the guests you simply walk up to their table or join the back of the queue (if there is one), but some require a “smiley” ticket to enter the guest signing area first. Which can be bought from the information desk – usually found near the entrance to the signing area. It’s worth mentioning that most guests will charge for their autograph and some also charge for selfies (or ask for a charity donation).

The guests I met at this show were lovely. Each one took the time to chat to me, personalised my autograph and posed for a photo with me. For those that haven’t been to a comic con before, a personalised autograph means they wrote “to Kim” or a quotation from their character.

These are the guests I met (in order) along with the TV show or movie I most associate them with.

  • Shane Rimmer – Voices Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds
  • Rupert Young – Sir Leon from the BBC Merlin
  • Angel Coulby – Gwen from the BBC show Merlin
  • John Challis – Boycie from Only Fools and Horses
  • David Bradley – Argus Filch in Harry Potter (films 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 part 2). Who also drew a cute caricature of Mrs Norris on my autographed photo.
  • Simon Bamford – Butterball Cenobite in Hellraiser (1 and 2)
  • Barbie Wilde – Female Cenobite in Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • Paul Blake – Greedo from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
  • Garrick Hagon – Biggs (Red Three) from Star Wars
  • Doug Bradley – Pinhead in the Hellraiser films
Doug Bradley - Hellraiser at the Winter Memorabilia Show 2010
Fun Fact: Pinhead is my favourite horror movie character.

As well as the autograph sessions and dealers room we also took some time out to visit the cosplay area. Where I had my photo taken with some Gryffindor cosplayers and Lord Voldemort. So it’s always worth a look – you never know what characters you’ll see there.

Overall we had a great, but very tiring day at the Memorabilia show. Although my bank account now hates me now! Luckily I get paid on the 25th, just in time for The Entertainment Media Show and Collectormania London where I’m hoping to meet Doctor Who‘s Sylvester McCoy and Stargate‘s Christopher Judge.

Harry Potter cosplayers

Have you been to the Memorabilia show? Or a similar comic convention? If not, would you like to? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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