Blogging and Lifestyle Goals For 2013

I had intended on writing this entry a lot sooner – it was drafted in January (2013) but I didn’t get around to finishing it. The purpose of this entry is to tell you my goals and plans for myself both offline and online – this is more of a reminder for me.

Blogging and Lifestyle Goals For 2013

Blogging Goals

  • Finish transferring my old Fan update posts to WordPress or at least go through my old Fan Update posts and add those that had an impact on my life or those that I particularly enjoyed writing about to WordPress.
  • Add the following pages back: Articles, gallery, links, events
  • Finishing implementing the travel map plugin and get my travel page sorted – my aim is to post about where I’ve been, what I’ve done, where I’m going etc.
  • Fix my fanlistings page – does anyone else have problems getting Enthusiast collection to run with WordPress? How did you overcome it?
  • Clean up – Since installing WordPress I haven’t really go through and checked that everything is working correctly, broken images, broken links etc.

Personal Online Goals

  • Be a more active and better member of The Quilting Bee!
  • Use my linked in account, update the content and network with people.
  • Use both Facebook and Twitter to advertise new content on my personal website, share images of conventions I’ve been too etc, but ensuring that any information that I don’t want public still remains private on these.

Personal Offline Goals

  • Sort out my finances!
  • Cosplay more at conventions. First off: Hallowhedon 5 convention.
  • Plan my trip to USA to visit my auntie, future planning is OK, but actually stick to it. Plan money required, flights, time of year (probably alongside Dragon Con) etc.
  • As the above but for my trip to New York, travelling route 66 and San Diego Comic Con
  • Get back to the gym/a fitness class – the Wii Fit is fine but I miss the social interaction.
  • Work on my short story.
  • Figure out where I’d like my career to go and start planning how I can accomplish this.
  • Take my CBT (compulsory basic training) in order to start learning to ride a motor bike. I will start by finding a local test center that offers the CBT course.

I know these goals may seem simplistic but all are defiantly possible to achieve, maybe not this year but I can start planning these goals and hopefully, especially with my trip(s) to USA have the goals reality in a couple of years. 🙂


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