Back to the Future

October 2015 was the time Marty McFly travelled to the future in Back to the Future part 2. Specifically on October 21st, which also happens to be Ryan’s birthday.

I was lucky enough to attend the official 30th anniversary of Back to the Future reunion at London Film and Comic con this year, there was a lot of Back to the Future merchandise around (hoverboards (they didn’t hover though, so more like replica skateboards! Still cool though.), Marty’s jacket, Marty hats etc). Some stars of the films were there and we went to the Back to the Future talk. Got some free Back to the Future goodies. It was a amazing experience… Ryan had his photo taken in the Delorean!

The guests from the films were:

  • Michael J. Fox – Marty McFly(!)
  • Christopher Lloyd – Dr. Emmett Brown(!)
  • Lea Thompson – Lorraine Baines
  • Claudia Wells – Jennifer Parker
  • Marc McClure – Dave McFly
  • Frances Lee McCain – Stella Baines
  • James Tolkan – Mr. Strickland
  • Donald Fullilove – Goldie Wilson
  • Harry Waters Jr. – Marvin Berry


(Sorry for the blurry photo, it’s cropped – we were quite far back)

To mark the 30th anniversary and the fact that it’s Back to the Future day, Ryan and I are having a Back to the Future marathon – unfortunately, this will probably be on the 20th as he’s at work until 10pm on the 21st… his birthday.

I remember the first time I watched these films. It was in my college years (so mid 2000s), I was with Mark then and he couldn’t believe I’d never seen the movies, he was a fan. We went out and bought the complete box set on DVD and proceeded to watch all three films back to back. I was hooked.

I can’t choose a favourite Back to the Future film, but I do like MArty trying to get his parents together in the 50s and playing the guitar at the dance, the hoverboard chase in the second film and Jaws 19’s billboard. The western theme in the third one is very good and I love that Doc gets a happy ending. 🙂

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