Christmas celebrations 2012

It’s been a busy few months for me, getting ready for Christmas, working a lot (we have two new staff members in our department, a lot of changes and training going on), spending time with my family and house hunting!

House hunting has been an ongoing task at the moment – Artur and I are looking at moving home early in the year after being in a rented property since April – we looking for a house – we want a garden, two or three bedrooms with a decent size kitchen and living room (is this starting to sound like an agency ad?). We’ve found two we like, but they are both far from where we both work, we’re hopefully going to view one of them early in the New Year.

Christmas was spent mostly at my parent’s house, with them, my sister and her boyfriend and Artur – Artur’s sister also visited for Boxing Day. To date: We’ve had 6 Christmas/holiday meals! – There will also be food tonight for New Year’s Eve – obviously, my weight loss has been affected :/ but I did say to myself at the beginning of December that I would first enjoy Christmas then worry about getting back to “gold” (goal weight at Weight Watchers) in the new year – it doesn’t help that due to working later recently I’ve not been able to attend a meeting since early October!

Now for the obligatory what I got for Christmas list – thanks all for the gifts you bought me. 🙂 – In no particular order:

  • Baking stuff – cupcake stand, piping bag (with nozzles), cookie-cutter, cupcake mix, honeycomb cake tin
  • Jewellery – Gold and Amethyst Brooch, Gold Claddagh ring, Purple bead bracelet
  • Books – The Camper Van Coast
  • Joss Whedon related – Vampyre prop book, Palz ‘The Master’ figure, Cordelia 12″ figure, Willow figure set – all Buffy the Vampire Slayer related
  • Other – Eeyore Christmas tree decoration, A lamp, Reindeer Christmas tree decorations, framed painting of Stone Henge, Gortex motorcycle jacket

No pictures, unfortunately – I haven’t had time to take any or any of my house decorated – but here are a few of how we celebrated Christmas:




The two above are of the lights on my parent’s house – they do this every year and the two below are from when we met the Coca-Cola truck! 😀


Hope everyone has had a good Christmas/holiday season and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Kim x

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