Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming – It’s definitely getting colder lately! The clocks went back last weekend (27th October) in the UK, so the days are shorter and it’s getting darker a lot earlier. 🙁 The thing I love about this time of year though is how colourful it is! Leaves changing colour, dropping from trees and going ‘crunch’ under foot. 🙂 I also love Halloween and fireworks! What I’m not loving is how Christmas seemed to start back in September this year! Haha. I don’t think about the ‘C’ word until after Halloween is over.

This Halloween was spent, as previous years, at Massive Events: Hallowhedon convention, an event for all things Joss Whedon. The guest list this year was very impressive and the main draw for me this time around was Alexis Denisof. Meeting him was surreal and he was very down to earth. Other guests included: Jane Espenson Writer, Tom Lenk “Andrew”, K Todd Freeman “Mr Trick”, Sarah Hagan “Amanda” and Jeff Ricketts “Weatherby”, joining us with Jane Espenson was her partner in crime Brad Bell who stars in and co-wrote the web series “Husbands”.

Every Hallowhedon, since Hallowhedon 2, I’ve donned a Kaylee Frye cosplay on the Saturday Halloween party. This year, I was a ‘Zombie Mummy’ – mostly as my Kaylee cosplay is too big. :'( As always Massive Events when all out providing us with a fun, busy weekend – themed parties, quizzes, talks, photo sessions, auto sessions etc.

The only bad thing about the convention this time? The hotel! For a 5(?) star hotel, it left a lot to be desired. We’ve stayed there before but this year, there was a definite sense that the convention attendees were second rate to other clients at the hotel that weekend. Also, a guest attending the convention was left in the stair well, during a fire drill, of which we were informed was A REAL FIRE! Not impressed. My mum is on crutches at the moment, so I guess we’re lucky we were having breakfast downstairs at the time.

Enough whining – Overall, it was probably my favourite Hallowhedon to date, expect for the first one, as back then it was all new and exciting… It’s still exciting! But, not new any more.

Halloween night itself, which fell on a work night 🙁 was spent eating nibbles, watching Buffy, Angel and horror films with my family and one of my friends. Very enjoyable night. I was donning vampire fangs and every day clothes.

On both occasions there was Halloween themed baking involved 🙂 – Forgot to take any photos.

Next up for me is Bonfire Night, which means fireworks. Likely going to a small fireworks display on 5th November.

On another note: I saw Thor: The Dark World at the weekend, very impressed by it. Loki is my favourite character.

Any one do anything special for Halloween? Any plans for Bonfire Night? Thinking about Christmas yet?

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