Girl’s Night In – Relax and Unwind

As I’ve gotten older night’s in have definitely become more desirable, especially after a long week at work. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy a good night out now and then but coming home and relaxing after a hard day is a great way to recharge.

Here’s what I like to do on a quiet night in.

1. Run a bath.

Since we have fairly low hit water pressure in our flat it can take half an hour to fill the tub, so this is one of the first things I’ll do. While waiting for it to run I may do some chores, prepare my lunch or clothes for work the next day and spend some quality time with Ryan.

2. Set the mood.

Set your phone on silent or turn off notifications and listen to a relaxing playlist. I have one set up on my phone which includes instrumentals, ballads and a couple of Disney songs which always put me in happy mood.

Light scented candles – I usually have some in the bathroom followed by some in the living room or bedroom. Poundland and Home Bargains stock great alternatives to Yankee candles.

With the bath tub now filled and my scented candles ready, I’ll pop in a bathbomb, bath melt or some bubble bath. I love the Twilight bath bomb by Lush and Radox Lavender bubble bath.

3. Pop on some comfy pyjamas.

All clean and refreshed, I’ll pop on some of my comfy pyjamas (usually by Primark or Tesco) and maybe some fuzzy socks or slippers if it’s chilly and curl up on the sofa, with a blanket.

David and Goliath: Come to the Dark Side we have Cookies pyjamas

4. Refreshments 

Keep yourself hydrated with your favourite drink, mines a fruit tea or hot chocolate in the Autumn and Winter months and a ice cold soft drink the Summer months. You could also pour yourself a glass of wine or make some cocktails (or mocktails).

5. Pamper yourself

Whether it’s a face mask, painting your nails, styling your hair or trying out some new make up, just relax and take some time for yourself.

6. Movies, Snacks and Food

Watch a film or your favourite tv show (I’m addicted to Pretty Little Liars at the moment!) with some snacks – chocolates, crisps, pop corn or ice cream are great indulgent choices.

Don’t forget a main meal too – I love a takeaway pizza or Indian.

7. Do something creative.

Keep the phone away and do something creative or therapeutic, colouring books or origami are great to try and you can find then for a wide range of things, like the Star Wars one I have below.

7. Relax before bed.

Take some time to read a chapter of your favourite book or a new one you’ve been meaning to read. Then allow yourself to drift off – I’ve been using lavender to help me with this recently (see my evening routines post).

This list is perfect by yourself but you could also invite a friend round for numbers 4 – 7 or do these with your partner. Ryan and I have had some great movie nights in together.

How do you unwind? What are some of your night in essentials?

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