Chocolate Rudolph Christmas Cake

I saw this Chocolate Rudolph Christmas Cake in the Morissons Christmas magazine last year but didn’t get chance to try it out; the recipe is by Stork. I modified the decoration slightly. Photos to follow!! Have a bit of a back log due to the holiday season. For the Cake:     225g Butter     225g […]

Dancing Groot cookies

I’ve had a set of silicone flower pot cake cases for a while now but haven’t used them! 😮 But recently, I got a dancing Groot cookie cutter from eBay and decided I had to make dancing, flower pot, baby Groot cookie cakes. If you’re not familiar with Groot, he’s one of the main characters […]

Easter lemon drizzle cake

Happy Easter! 🙂 Or Happy Monday to those that don’t celebrate it. Today Ryan and I have spent the afternoon at my parents house and had a lovely roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings (thanks mum!). After dinner we had dessert, ate some hot cross buns that dad bought, then played some board games […]