Travel Experiences You Can Have at Home

I miss travelling. Not only travel to far off places but also being able to explore my local area. Whether that’s popping to the lakes for some archery or visiting one of our many museums. And I imagine a lot of you are in the same boat at the moment (no pun intended). But while you’re busy dreaming about all the places you could be visiting. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the beautiful bridges of Prague. You might be missing what’s right in front of you and all the travel experiences you can have at home.

From reliving your past travels to virtual travel and even getting in touch with nature. There are so many options to consider. In fact, the hardest part will be trying to narrow down your list! But I’m here to help with that by sharing a few of my favourites with you. And who knows maybe travelling at home will be your very next staycation?

Travel Experiences You Can Have at Home

Relive your past travels

If you’re anything like me you take 100s of photos on your travels. But how many of them sit on your phone or camera never looked at again? a lot, right? Instead, why not print off some of your favourite photos and frame them. Add them to a holiday scrapbook or memory jar. Or transform those photos into videos.

Plan your next trip

Grab a map, world Atlas, or get in touch with your local travel agent and think about where you want to head next. Once you have a destination in mind, you can start looking at hotel options, flights or things to do in the area. Which gives you something to look forward to between vacations.

Travel Experiences You Can Have At Home : Plan your next trip

Be Inspired

Not sure where to go on your next trip? How about speaking to your family and friends, and asking them for recommendations. Or check out posts from your favourite travel bloggers. They may have ideas you hadn’t considered and will be able to share some tips with you. It’s also a great opportunity to reminisce over their travel photos as well.

Virtual sightseeing

Museums and galleries all over the world now offer virtual tours on their websites. So you can soak up some history and culture from the comfort of your own home. Without worrying about tourists bumping into you or getting in the way of your photos. 😉 Which is one of the reasons this is one of my favourite travel experiences to have at home!

Dippy the dinosuar - Natural History Museum of London

Here are a few of my favourite museums/galleries or ones I’d love to visit in the future…

Adventure travel

If you’re someone who loves to be active on your trip or you’re looking for your next adventure. Then there are plenty of thrill-seeking adventures you can enjoy from your the safety of your sofa! A couple of options to consider are stepping into an active volcano or cage diving with sharks. Of course, if you’d also like to experience them in real life, by all means. You do you.

Learn about other cultures

Learning other cultures is one of the greatest things about travelling. So why does that need to end when we’re at home? Well, now it doesn’t. Thanks to Google Earth you can now travel to the streets of Rome or trek Machu Picchu, all from the comfort of your own home. But that’s not the only option available. Many travel websites now offer virtual tours of some of the world’s most famous landmarks.
Buckingham Palace London
Here are a few of my favourites…

Learn a new language

Even if it’s only a few key phrases, learning a new language has loads of travel benefits. So take some time between vacations to learn a new one or brush up on one you’re already familiar with. There are so many options to consider too from apps like Rosetta Stone to school or college courses.

Local Wildlife Spotting

Sit in your garden, if you have one, look out your window, or even head to a local park and see what animals you can spot. In the UK, you’re sure to see many species of birds, and likely even larger animals such as badgers, foxes, or even deer. You could even take up bird watching as a new hobby.

Watch theatre, opera or ballet at home

Can’t make it to your local theatre? Well, don’t worry, as you can now enjoy watching some of your favourite shows or musicals at home. With companies such as The National Theatre streaming full-length plays online. And if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, JK Rowling has even launched the ‘Harry Potter at Home‘ hub for you to enjoy.

Live streams from wildlife parks

Zoos and aquariums around the globe often stream live feeds of their animals during the day. Or even behind the scenes footage once the doors are closed to the public. These videos are often recorded by the keepers who have an in-depth knowledge of them. So not only do you get to see them but you may also learn something new.
King Penguins : Birdland UK
Yet, it’s not only zoos or aquariums where you can watch your favourite animals live. There are now cameras set up in countries such as Africa, so you can see them in their natural habitat. Which, let’s be honest, is as close to a safari as you can get from home.
Here are a few of my favourite animal streaming videos/webcams…

If you’d like to learn more about animals you could also look into nature shows such as ‘Our Planet’ by David Attenborough.

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So what about you? What travel experiences have you had at home? Have you done any virtual tours or sightseeing? Let me know in the comments.


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