Weekend catch up and shopping trip

This weekend my dad and I spent some quality time together, just the two of us. We went for breakfast in Brogan’s  (Swindon) and did a bit of shopping. The main reason for going shopping was so I could finish shopping for mother’s day presents. More on that in a couple of weeks (Mother’s day is 26th March in the UK this year). 🙂

We started our day off with breakfast – dad had an ‘Ultimate breakfast’ (previously known as Brogan’s breakfast) and I had a bagle with cream cheese. Both were really good. 

After breakfast we headed to HMV where I bought a David Bowie album (a “just because” present for dad) and he bought a dvd boxset of I I Dream of Jeannie. A TV show he loved when he was younger.

After HMV we headed to Primark. We have three Primark stores local to us but they are quite small, so they can be very hit and miss. The biggest Primark near us is about an hours drive away. I picked up a Game of Thrones tshirt on sale for £3(!) and dad bought my sister a Jigglypuff (Pokemon) onesie.

The penguin duvet set in the first photo is also from Primark which I bought before Christmas. I love it! It keeps ending up back on the bed, although with Spring around the corner it might be time to retire it until next season. 🙁

We headed to Debenhams and Dorothy Perkins, I’d seen some jumpers I loved on their websites but they didn’t have them in store. 🙁

Next up was Waterstones to see if the latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel was in. It wasn’t. I may end up ordering it online, as I’m getting impatient waiting to read it. 😉 We also checked out the children’s section for Dr Seuss ‘ How the Grinch Stole Christmas but they didn’t have that either. 🙁

Before we headed back to the car we popped into Crystal and then into Lush. I’ve been on the hunt for a Rose Quartz bracelet for months now but haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, I keep checking back in Crystal when their new season range comes out. What I’m looking for is Rose Quartz set in a silver brant but they seem to have every other stone except that one.

Lush – I spent ages in Lush! Their new Spring and Easter ranges are in so I spent time looking at the new products and we had a chat with one the sales assistants about their charity bath bomb. She was very friendly and knowledgeable.

I came away with three bath bombs.

Twilight bath bomb

Twilight on the left and A French Kiss on the right (from a previous shopping trip)

Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb

My dad’s a Sci-fi fan and convinced me to buy this one, it’s pretty cute. 

Buy one set one free on the left and Ickle Baby Bot on the right

Buy one set one free 

This is the charity bath bomb I mentioned before, the proceeds (minus the VAT) go towards Reprieve who work to help people who have been or are currently victims of human rights abuse.

We finished off our morning in Swindon being stuck in traffic(!) for half an hour. We’re not really sure why the traffic got so busy, it wasn’t rush hour. We left a little after midday. Anyway, we had a very good day and had a well deserved coffee once we got back to my home town. 🙂 It was great to catch up with him.


  • Amy

    March 15, 2017 at 22:07

    Sounds like a really fun shopping trip. I love the Game of Thrones shirt you bought. I can’t believe it was only £3! I really need to get myself back to Primark. I rarely go now (probs because I used to work there so I’m forever traumatised), but they seem to have some really cool things. They never had all the licensed stuff before. I really want a Jigglypuff onesie! That’s so cool.

    I used to love I Dream of Jeannie as a child. My mum always used to put it on, and even though it was really old-fashioned I thought it was great. It was always that and Bewitched!

    The bath bombs you bought look great! Lush do some really lovely things, it makes me want a house with an actual bath. I don’t think flinging bath bombs up and down in the shower will have the same effect! Glad you had a good trip!

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