Hallowhedon Convention

Anyone who knows me knows that I ♥ Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or just Joss Whedon’s work in general really) and this past Halloween weekend I spent it meeting some of the cast members from Buffy and Angel. 😀

I loved every minute of it, I managed to get all their autographs and got professional photographs with each of the guests who were James Marsters “Spike”, Nicholas Brendon “Xander Harris”, Mercedes McNab “Harmony Kendall”, Mark Lutz “The Groosalugg”, & James Leary “Clem”. They were all really lovely and I’m very happy I went. 😀

Have to say though James Marsters is a star! He had an injury a couple of weeks ago while filming and ended up with a spinal injury 🙁 but he still came to the event and made sure every fan got their photos and autos with him. It was clear he was in pain. I thank James so much. ♥

For anyone interested here is the events website (its a UK event):
They’re doing another one next Halloween too that I have already bought tickets for, first guest for this was announced on the Saturday at the auction they had and is Anthony Head who plays Giles in Buffy! 😀

So, how did everyone spend their Halloween?