Easter Chocolate Cornflake Nests

Happy Easter (or happy Sunday to those that don’t celebrate it). 🙂 Today, Artur and I had a lovely Sunday lunch at my parents house, my job was to bring dessert. I made cupcakes, sugar cookies and these chocolate cornflake nests, very easy to make but always a favourite in my family.


To make these you will need:

  • 100g chocolate (plain or milk)
  • 50g butter
  • 75g cornflakes

Break up the chocolate and cut the butter into small pieces

Put in a large bowl over a pan of boiling water, stir until melted. You could also pop it in the microwave, be careful not to leave in their to long and risk burning the chocolate!

Remove the bowl, and add the cornflakes, mix well and ensure to all the cornflakes are covered with chocolate.

With a dessert spoon, scoop out spoonfuls and either put into paper cake cases.

Add mini eggs on top (optional).

Allow to cool, then refrigerate for 30 minutes.

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