What’s in my bag – festival edition

Ryan and I are heading to a couple of festivals at the end of August – Reading Festival and The Pheonix Festival, both are full weekend events but we’re only spending one day at each as they’re on the same weekend. We’ve been to the Phoenix festival once before, last year in fact but Reading will be our first major festival experience! I’m really looking forward to both of them.

I’ve been thinking about what essentials I’ll need to take with me for both festivals.

  • Ticket – Obvious one but worth mentioning, you’d be horrified if you travelled all that way and realised your ticket was left on the kitchen counter!
  • Bag – I found a cross body bag was best for me at last year’s Phoenix festival and will be taking on again. I could fit everything I needed in it, it didn’t weigh me down and my hands were free. I saw a lot of people wearing bum bags or small back packs too.
  • 1 rain jacket or poncho – Chances are if you don’t bring one it’ll rain and if you do bring one it’ll be glorious sunshine! Ah, the joys of British weather. I’ll be taking a “parka-in-a-pocket” by Primark, which folds up into its pocket.
  • Hand sanitiser – Some portable toilets have hand sanitizer, but most don’t!
  • Tissues – For wiping up spills, using as a napkin or taking to the portaloos just in case they run out of toilet paper – which they did last year!
  • Deodorant – Dancing around at the festival you’re likely to sweat, so this is a must.
  • Money – both cash and cards. – It’s better to have too much than not enough, especially since ATMs inside the festival tend to charge a fee.
  • ID – self explanatory. 
  • Suncream – Just in case the sun decides to make an apperance.
  • Hair ties 
  • Hair band / bow
  • Power bank and charging cable
  • Torch – useful for navigating the festival grounds at night and finding your car! I was really glad I packed this as the car park was poorly lit.
  • Water bottle – there are water stations at some festival sites and taking one to refill will help save money on drinks
  • Hat – a cap or a bobble hat depending on the weather
  • Sunglasses 

What are your festival essentials, either for a day or a full weekend?

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