Our Favourite Co-Op Video Games

With many of us on lockdown at the moment it’s easy to feel lonely or isolated. It’s been difficult, to say the least; day to day life has changed dramatically over the past few weeks. And it’s so important to keep yourself busy while you’re safe at home.

In the UK we’re allowed out for one hour of exercise a day, but what can you do while you’re safely stuck indoors? … Lately I’ve been pulling funny faces with my family on social media, binge watching shows on Netflix and playing co-op video games with Aaron (my boyfriend). Which is one of our favourite ‘stay at home’ dates.

For those who enjoy them, video games can be a creative way to relieve stress, indulge your wanderlust, by exploring fictional world’s, and escape reality for a little while. They can be a great way to unwind, and co-op video games give you the opportunity to enjoy it with a partner.

So today I’d like to share some of our favourite co-op video games we play together. Which, let’s face it, we’ve been doing a lot of recently. 😉

Our Favourite Co-Op Video Games


If you’re looking for something creative to get lost in, then Minecraft is the perfect option. You get the chance to make your own world using bricks, and there are creators out there who have made some stunning designs! Both from real life and in the fictional world (e.g. Lord of the Rings).But, while your busy creating your dream world, there are also animals to care for, monsters to fight and even some diamond mining to get stuck into. So your never short of things to do.


Similar to the likes of Mortal Combat, Soul Calibur or Street Fighter, Injustice is a fighting game. The difference? The characters you’ll be fighting with are from the DC universe.So why not pick your favourite character, (my choices would be Super Girl or Poison Ivy), and challenge your partner to a close combat battle. Batman Vs. Superman is a classic combo to start out with.

The Lego Games (any of them)

At the moment we’ve been playing Lego Star Wars, but any one of the Lego games are great choices. They’re puzzle based, meaning your exercising your mind as well as your creativity. While collecting Lego studs and characters from your favourite franchises. The cut scenes can be very funny to.Even once you’ve finished ‘story mode’, there are plenty more areas to explore within the game. As well as items to collect. They can be anywhere and easy to miss.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart puts the iconic Mario brothers against Donkey Kong, Bowser, Princess Peach, and more, as they battle for first place behind the wheel. It’s a great multiplayer game – just don’t get too mad when your partner takes you out of the lead with a blue shell… or, you fall off the track! Again.And if you happen to own a PS2 then The Wacky Races is a very similar, and brilliant alternative.

Pokémon Go

While you’re getting your hour outside, why not make it more fun by catching Pokémon along the way? You can also battle other players or your partner remotely so it’s a great option for social distancing too. Pokémon Go has definitely helped me get outside a little more, especially when my social anxiety was telling me ‘no’.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A special shout out should go to Red Dead Redemption 2, due to the amount of time we watch each other play it(!). It might as well be considered a co-op game. 😂 We’ll happily take over the game when the other needs a toilet break, or gets stuck on a tricky part of the game. Honestly, any single player games can be enjoyed as a couple, if you’re willing to share the controller that is. 😉

What have you been doing while in isolation? Do you have any other recommendations to share? Let me know in the comments. 😊

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11 thoughts on “Our Favourite Co-Op Video Games

  1. Amy says:

    Mario Kart was our go-to game at uni back in the summer when we both had part time jobs with weird hours so it was impossible to go home! We’d spend hours on our days off playing Mario Kart and I remember on one occasion we completed House of the Dead over 2 days as well! Mario Kart used to get quite competitive but I remember House of the Dead was good fun as we were playing together rather than against each other 😂

  2. Karalee Shotola says:

    Lately me, my bf & our daughter have been playing Mario Party & Mario Kart! I’ve also been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons with my friends & my bf has been playing League of Legends with his friends.

  3. Britt K says:

    My husband figured out how to download Mario Kart onto our Firestick – so all we had to purchase was some Bluetooth game controllers and we were off to the races (literally)! We’re both a big fan of the game, so it’s great!

  4. Lisa says:

    I’ve never really been into video games (I vaguely remember Larry the Lounge Lizard and also PacMan, because I am that old!) but Flora ADORES Minecraft. And actually, I think it’s good for her: creativity, problem solving, and teamwork when she goes online and joins her friends. It all looks too complex for me though, even though she swears it’s really easy and fun! Lisa x

  5. Bexa says:

    I used to play Mario Kart when I was younger, I remember it was really fun and addictive, haha! I’ve not played video games in yeeears, but now would be the most perfect opportunity as we have so much extra time at home. Thanks for sharing your favourites Kim, hope you have a lovely Easter! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  6. Emily says:

    I’ve never really been that into video games, but seeing everyone playing Animal Crossing and playing video games with each other, is kind of making me want to try them now! I mean, I have time, right?? Plus, I’ve always been jealous of people who kick butt at Mario Kart!

    I personally have been reading a LOT during my time at home. And lots of Netflix!

    Emily | http://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

  7. Haley Scully says:

    Omg, yes! Mario Kart is a classic! I used to play the GameCube version with my brother all the time, and it’s always so so fun! Mario Party is another great series to play together. Some of my favorite co-op video games are Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Revelations 2. They’re both great games and require genuine teamwork to progress. I’d highly recommend them! Great post; thanks for sharing! 😄🎶

  8. Charlesfwh says:

    Our game of choice and the one I’ve been playing recently is Resident Evil 5. I think it’s the mixture of vanquishing a viral threat and the constant affirmation of your partner in the game that makes it a great quarantine co-op 👍🏻

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